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I used two applications to create the bulk of the images here: Lightwave Modeler and Cinema4D XL.

Why not use Lightwave Layout to render the images as well? Well in comparison to C4D XL, Layout is slow and clunky on the Mac. I find that I can get around very fast in XL and the rendering quality is similiar. Rendering time is almost exponentially faster in XL.

Why not use XL for modeling? Lightwave has intuitive tools for creating and manipulating objects. Although XL has powerful creation tools, it currently lacks the manipulation abilities of Lightwave (IMHO). That's why I use it even above form•Z.

As an aside, it is my hope that anyone who has known me for while and has seen my development in this area will take a little pride in what I have done. While I certainly have put in the effort to learn and improve, I get alot of help and advice along the way. It's all appreciated, good and bad.